This is our story

    We like making really good wedding films

    How we got here:

    Like most Sydney millennials, in 2016 we found ourselves in need of a side hustle. Isaac was in marketing and Sam was a nurse and Bloom was birthed out of a desire to go back to our creative roots. Bloom grew quicker than we could’ve imagined and just a few years on we find ourselves both working full time in this so-called “side hustle”. Not only did Bloom grow quickly but we also fell hardcore in love with the work and the people.

    Why we do it:

    I don’t think we could actually explain with words how much we adore this “job”. It hits so many of our personal joys in life; connecting with people, attending weddings, celebrating love, experiencing different family units, being creative, editing videos, getting “the shot”. Then on top of that, there’s the excitement of running a business with your best friend and working from home and we’re just incredibly thankful that we’ve been able to find work that truly doesn’t feel like work at all.

    We also feel a deep sense of responsibility knowing this film is capturing a moment in history. So whilst our primary purpose is to capture something you’ll love the moment you get it in your inbox we also want to create something that you’ll love 50 years down the track. That’s why a big part of our philosophy is shooting guests, family, kids, and grandparents because we don’t want your wedding day to just be a memory… this film will serve as a tangible reminder of one of the best days of your entire life.

    How we do it:

    Well, we basically just have a heap of fun doing it! Allow me to let you in on our secret, it’s not just about the end product - no matter how cinematic your film is or how many epic shots made the cut if you didn’t have a good time on your day then honestly, what’s the point?

    So you guys having a great time is our number one priority, before anything else! How do we do that you may ask? We don’t get stressed, we look out for your needs, when we walk into a room we intentionally bring the vibe that we think is needed, we connect with your bridal party and your family so they enjoy having us around (and also so they loosen up in front of our cameras on the d-floor).

    We’ve met a lot of couples over the years… and I hope we don’t say this prematurely but we have never had a bad experience with a couple and we reckon it's probably because at some level we build a friendship with everyone we meet.

    And whilst it’s not ALL about the end product it’s still a major part of our job so, how do we do what we do in the editing suite? We like to think our films are a true representation of the day but at a deeper level, we like to think we’ve worked out enough about you, from meeting with you, from your speeches, from how you act in front of the camera to work out what you want to see in your wedding film.

    There’s a filmmaking concept that is thrown around “What you choose not to include is just as important as what you do include.” We will always include a range of moments in all our films, from hilarious to sweet to romantic. But there’s generally an overarching theme to each couple's story and we angle our films on whatever that theme is. We shoot hundreds and hundreds of clips on a wedding day and using your intuition to create a film is something that we have built over time but it is refined by a desire to stay true to the story of the couple.


    Hey Hey! I’m Sam! My idea of a good day involves going to the beach with Isaac our son Spencer and our dog, Daisy, maybe shooting some footage while we are there and then coming home and editing a little story of our day. I love running this business, its something I’m proud of and that I love working hard for. I also love music - playing it on piano and listening to it. I think music is powerful, another reason that I love videos!

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    Hey there, I'm Isaac! I love my wife, my son, my dog and making things look beautiful through the lens of a camera. I'm a bit of a camera gear nerd, I play drums, I love to go to the gym and partying with our clients on their big day! Bloom is an incredible creative outlet for me and I love doing it with Sam - I might be a bit biased but I think we make a pretty great team.

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    We’d love to come and hang out at your wedding so get in touch!